• SCIENCE 2016 - Game Changers

    This event takes place this Wednesday-Friday, October 19-21, featuring presentations by some of Pittsburgh’s leading researchers and distinguished guest scientists. Click here for more information. 

  • Call for Manifestos - 2017 UPPDA Board

    The UPPDA is seeking candidates to run for the 2017 Executive Board. For more information, click here.

Highlight Stories

  • Postdoc to Postdoc (P2P)

    Formerly known as Postdoc Lunch Live! Sign up now to join the audience for the next event. We are also looking for presenters for upcoming months. Read More.

  • Get Involved!

    The UPPDA is run entirely by volunteers. We are currently seeking candidates for the 2017 UPPDA Executive Board (informational meeting to come THIS THURSDAY! Not be interested in serving on the Executive Board? Check out our Outreach page for new volunteering opportunities.

  • UPPDA Facebook Group

    In order to facilitate increased networking and communication among postdocs at Pitt, we have now created a group on Facebook. Create a free account on Facebook (if you don’t have one already), and check out our group here!

  • Postdoc Spotlight

    UPPDA introduces the 'Postdoc Spotlight' section on the UPPDA website! The Postdoc Spotlight section aims to showcase one UPPDA member every month and bring the postdoc community at Pitt closer.

    Learn more about our featured postdoc, Dr. Derek Miller.


  • Postdoc Social Hours

    Please join us for upcoming social events! We have a social hour and a picnic planned for the fall. Check our calendar for updates for events over the summer!

  • Career Development Opportunities

    Links to career development events are continuously being added - check out our Career Development page here for updates.

  • Postdoc Career Club

    The UPPDA Career Development Committee has created Postdoc Career Club. Check out the Career Club page for more information.