Events Overview

Postdoc to Postdoc (P2P)

Postdoc to Postdoc (P2P) is a forum for postdocs to practice their scientific presentation skills to an audience of fellow postdocs. These are scheduled monthly and complimentary lunch and soft drinks are provided. Sign up to join the audience or to present a talk.

Data & Dine

This event provides University of Pittsburgh postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to present their research to colleagues, faculty, and administrators in the form of a scientific poster session and networking dinner.

Science 201X Career Symposium

Science 201X is the University of Pittsburgh’s annual broad-based regional celebration of local science and technology. 

Social Events

UPPDA holds an annual Fall Family Picnic open to postdocs and their families.  UPPDA also periodically hosts local happy hours. Be sure to check out our calendar to view upcoming events.